Gina Korobeinikova




I'm a certified Personal Trainer since 2014 with over 15 years of experience in Fitness and Sports. I also hold a specialty certification as Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Strength, Zumba and Pilates Matwork instructor. I define my sessions as simple, challenging, efficient with emphasis on proper form and mobility. My favorite clients are anyone with a goal and willingness to work towards it! I’m truly in love with Fitness. I have started my journey when I was 5 years and my mom brought me to dancing classes then it was school sports activities. After I finished Physical education university, I got addicted to various group fitness classes and gym workout that encouraged me to become a trainer. I’m happy that my profession is not just a work for me, its my passion, my hobby and my life!





  •  Nutrition
  •  Postural Correction
  •  Weight Management
  •  Injury and Rehabilitation
  •  Strength & Conditioning
  •  Balance & Flexibility




  •  Personal Trainer Level 2
  •  Pilates Matwork certified instructor
  •  Aerobic and Step Aerobics certified
  •  Functional & Strength Training certified
  •  First Aid Certified




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