I experienced to be fat sick and almost died, I experienced to be bullied, to lost confidence in myself and the feeling of weakness. One day I told myself that this must stop. The start is not easy I must admit, there are doubts, hesitations, what-ifs, and fear that you must overcome. Applying what I learned in college, I slowly but surely worked my way towards change. I modified my food, my activities, my sleep, and even the circle of people around me. Made my way to reach my goals but it doesn’t mean I will stop there; Fitness became my passion and it makes me happy helping and guiding other people to reach their fitness goals. It just feels so good to help other people even if it’s really challenging sometimes, I will never give up and I will never quit on this passion.


  • Nutrition 
  • Boxing and Muay Thai 
  • Postural Correction 
  • Weight Management 
  • Injury and Rehabilitation 
  • Strength & Conditioning and Plyometrics Training


  • Personal Trainer Level 2 
  • Degree in Physiotherapy 
  • American Red Cross Fist Aid Certified / AED Certified 
  • Functional Training Certified

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