Me Versus Me

Do you find yourself taking the easy way out, shying away from challenges, staying in your comfort zone, walking away from opportunities and choosing the safe option? Do you give up too soon and say you can’t do this anymore instead of facing new life experiences head-on? 

When did you forget to play, live in the moment, be curious, explore new opportunities, experience the unconventional and believe in a magical universe?

When did you lose touch with your younger self, the child within you that is the source of inspiration, the larger than life outlook, the I-can-do-anything attitude? 

Your younger self looked for challenges like they were easy targets, your younger self lived and breathed adrenaline, it never looked for safe options, it kept you going until you slept like a baby at the end of the day.

Today, let’s take you back in time, to the smaller version of yourself with the endless energy, and the perpetual vibe for life. To the version that took chances, tried anything and everything. Let’s take you back in time to where every day was as exciting as the day before, as you took on new adventures and created a life of fun and new experiences.


It’s time to rekindle this connection and to bring back the YES you, the truth is, that version of you never left, you have just grown up.

It's all in your mind. You are in full control of the outcome; you have the power to alter reality through the right positive mindset. 

It’s time to claim back your strength, it’s time to reawaken the force, it’s time you scream “I can do It!”. It’s time you jump into action. It’s time to say, “It’s All in Me”. It’s time to admit to yourself “It’s Me vs Me”. It’s time you pick a winner! Just believe,


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