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Why Fitness First?

Consistent Results

Give your body the attention it's been craving by staying active, consistent, and most importantly, patient. Do the workout to see the results.

Contagious Enthusiasm

Enjoying your workout is only part of the journey with us! Train with the latest fitness technologies and our up to speed health programs crafted for each member. After all, enthusiasm is a language we all speak, why not make it a daily staple?

Sheer Convenience

Fitness First is not your average health club; our membership plans, personal training programs, and the International Passport system gives you the utmost accessibility and satisfaction. Join one to join them all, experience convenience and practicality at its peak.

Fitness First UAE members ready to race

How to Join

Apply online or visit your nearest club and activate your Fitness First memberships in minutes to train for the future. Our memberships are your shortcut to your fitness ambitions.

Membership Benefits

  • +8000 Group Exercise Classes monthly
  • International Passport Access to over 50 Clubs in the middle east
  • Access to the latest Fitness Innovations & Exclusive Programs
  • 500+ Certified Personal Trainers
  • Access to Good Vibes App with 900+ Partner Discounts
  • Access to Fitness First MENA App
  • Access to over 20 Swimming Pools
  • 2 Getting You Started Personal Training Sessions
  • Over 50+ Kids Classes

Get a Free Day Pass

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Getting you started


Session 1


Session 2


Session 3

Your first session is all about:

  • Setting your goals

  • Completing a health check

Your very own personal trainer will assess your starting point and create a program and schedule for you to follow to help you achieve your chosen goal.

Start your active 8 program and complete 8 or more visits in your first 30 days to receive an amazing gift.


Session 2

The second session is a personal one-on-one WOW session which will show you more ways to acheieve your goals faster.  On completion, you can benefit from our exiciting personal training promotional offers. 


Session 3


  • More Energetic
  • Feel higher Self Esteem
  • Less Stressed


  • Confidence Boost
  • More Energy
  • Less Body Fat


  • Lower Blood Pressure 
  • Lower Heart Rate
  • Improved Cholesterol Level

Refer a Friend

Whether it's competitive camaraderie or a calorie burning catch up, working out together gives you a shared high that creates a reason to come back for more. Your friends keep you accountable for your workout every time, meaning you'll go further in the gym, and in life.

What Our Members Say

I joined Fitness First and I can 100% say that I will never look back. My life has completely changed. Not only did I meet incredible people, including the talented trainers, but I’ve also learned so much about how much my body can endure and how much pure dedication can change my mind and body for the better.
Raneem Khatib
Fitness First taught me how to survive, how to perform, how to deal with struggles, how to stop emotionally eating, and how to survive among what I am dealing with. They push me to my best; they push me to my limits.
Heba Ismail
I joined Fitness First to maintain my health and to improve my fitness levels. I have set myself goals to achieve like cardiovascular, strength and flexibility to help me stay healthy and in shape, all achievable using smart goals.
Sid Shah


To join a Fitness First club in the Middle East, you must be 16 years old and above. To promote fitness as part of your lifestyle from an early age, we offer a Junior Membership with the supervision of a Personal Trainer or parent/guardian. Our Community Clubs also have family membership options where you can enjoy your time with your kids following our club guidelines and Child Care Policy.

Membership rates vary depending on the type of package that is best suited for you; corporate rates are also available. Please contact your preferred Fitness First club, where our staff will be happy to discuss the various membership options available. Find a club

Most members pay through auto debit on Credit Cards; however, Up-front payment options are also available. We also accommodate exclusive rates for our corporate partners.

One of the great advantages of your Fitness First membership is the reciprocal use of other clubs in our portfolio. Your membership package determines access to other clubs: Platinum Plus – You can use All Fitness First Clubs Platinum – You can use all Platinum and Plus Clubs Plus - You can use all Plus Clubs Community – You can use Community Clubs Only (The Lakes/Meadows & Town Centre). Also Arabian Ranches and Mudon based on the type of Community membership Home Club: You can access your home club only

We’ve got hundreds of clubs worldwide; your Fitness First membership can come in handy when you’re traveling internationally. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can visit a Fitness First club near you. Ask our reception team for an International Passport before leaving the country.

The Fitness First International Passport enables you to access the Fitness First Middle East clubs when you travel. To obtain your passport, you can inform your home club before your departure. When you access a club overseas, you will need to present the International Passport and your active membership card. The passport is valid for 12 months from the date of the issue, and a maximum of 30 visits is permitted. Fees might apply.

Yes, you can. We call our hold option - freeze. At Fitness First, we believe that exercise is a lifelong habit; however, we understand that sometimes you will need a break due to personal circumstances. To accommodate that, you can put your membership on hold for a minimum of 1 month by giving us an appropriate notice. For further information, please refer to our reception team. A freeze fee will be charged.

You will get the most value from fitness when it’s part of your everyday life. That’s why we offer a 12-month membership as standard. We also have short-term options available as we recognize that circumstances don’t always allow for such a commitment.

We hope that you achieved your health and fitness goals, enjoyed your time as Fitness First member, and benefitted from all the facilities offered as part of your membership. If you decide to continue your fitness routine away from our club, we are still here for you!

You may cancel at any time provided you’ve reached your minimum contract period, excluding any freeze period. Just before you leave us, we would like to remind you about some of the reasons to stay with Fitness First Middle East. There are some exciting fitness concepts you might not have tried yet, like XFit, our purpose-built High-Intensity Functional Training studio or MYZONE, an innovative tool to measure, track and review progress or The Swim Academy!

Please note that cancellation is by appointment only, so contact our Front of House team to arrange a meeting with the Club General Manager. For all the details around canceling, please refer to our Terms and Conditions

We love to know what we’re doing well, so do tell us about your success stories, share your positive thoughts, or tell us who in our team made a real difference!

We welcome your feedback, and we want to hear about ways we can assist you and answer any concerns you may have. You can speak to any member of our club team, or if you would prefer to speak with the club management, please let our reception team know. If they aren’t immediately available, they will ensure you are contacted as soon as possible.

Alternatively, please email us your query, and we will respond as a matter of urgency.

We call this our Club Rules, and you can download a copy of it here

A Membership That Fits Around Your Life

With our high-quality facilities, outstanding club design and value-added finishes, we’re sure to create the perfect fitness experience for you. Fitness First is a lifestyle, not just a gym.