Nowadays the technology is one of the priorities for the main people. We all seek for online workouts, friend’s workouts, influencers workouts… everyone who is able to create a “program” is a motive to be followed.

My question is “Did you see any doctor, being a doctor only watching videos about Medicine on social media?” , “Did you see any Pilot being a Pilot just because use to play video games?”.

Science is an abstract subject still under development, but to have a valid argument you have to prove it and sometimes you still can be judged if you don’t have a valid answer to show it! Knowledge is the key to achieve whatever you want, dedication and sacrifice they are just ways to find the door that you want to reach.Helping people is my job and my vision as a professional. Teach how to create an active and healthy lifestyle to increase and create physically and mentally happiness.

What will be your choice? The easy road with no sacrifice or value, or the hard one with dedication, commitment, ambition, a life lesson?

Your choice is your reflection as a HUMAN BEING!!



  • Lumbar Spine injuries Rehabilitation and Prevention Training
  • Joins Injuries Rehabilitation
  • Shoulder Rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
  • Sports Advanced Performance Training


  • University degree in Sports Science and Physical Education, University of Coimbra – Portugal
  • International Aquafitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Spine Rehabilitation – Concha’s Clinic MEXD, Portugal
  • EXOS Mentorship Level 3 – Advanced Sports Performance for Athletes – England, UK.
  • Advanced Personal Trainer – REPS Level 3, UAE, EREPS Level 6, UK.

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