With our Full Access Multi Club membership you can use any club, any time (subject to club terms & conditions). You’ll find everything you need to get fit and stay motivated at any Fitness First club. From Freestyle™ areas and group exercise studios to our expert team of personal trainers, membership at Fitness First  makes it easy for you to stay on track with your fitness ambitions. You will also find at our clubs the highest quality facilities, club design and value-added finishes that will make your workout experience all the more enjoyable.  It's not just fitness, it's a lifestyle

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New Members - Member Benefits

Member Benefits

By becoming a member, you are joining the Fitness Fist community where you will be guided through each stage of your journey and provided with all the support, motivation and tools you might need

Getting You Started


Session 1


Session 2


Session 3

Your first session is all about:

  • Setting your goals

  • Completing a health check

Your very own personal trainer will assess your strating point and create a programme and schedule for you to follow to help you acheive your chosen goal.


Session 2

The second session is a personal one-on-one WOW session which will show you more ways to acheieve your goals faster.  On completion, you can benefit from our exiciting personal training promotional offers.


Session 3


  • More Energetic
  • Feel higher Self Esteem
  • Less Stressed


  • Confidence Boost
  • More Energy
  • Less Body Fat


  • Lower Blood Pressure 
  • Lower Heart Rate
  • Improved Cholesterol Level